LithaBone TCP 300

LithaBone TCP 300 contains a beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) based ceramic which in the right setting, enables implants with defined pore geometries. The material can be

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LithaBone HA 400

LithaBone HA 400 contains a ceramic material based on hydroxyapatite (HA). With a relative density of 85% and a corresponding porosity of 15%, it is

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LithaLox HP 500 Al2O3

Lithalox HP 500 contains a high-purity (99.99%) aluminum oxide (alumina) material and is characterized by its high density, a favorable 4-point bending strength, and exceptionally

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LithaCon 3Y 210 ZrO2

LithaCon contains zirconia stabilized with 3 mol% Yttria. Some of the mechanical highlights of these materials are their excellent flexural strength (> 1000 MPa), fracture

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