Elastomeric Polyurethane

Elastomeric Polyurethane, or EPU, is a high-performance polyurethane elastomer. It exhibits excellent elastic behavior under cyclic tensile and compressive loads.

About Elastomeric Polyurethane

Material details

Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU) is a rubbery and stretchable material known for its high elasticity and impact resistance. It exhibits elastic behavior across a wide range of temperatures. EPU is particularly useful for demanding applications that require excellent elasticity, impact resistance, and tear resistance. It is commonly used in the production of gaskets, grommets, and flexible watertight seals.

Technical Properties

Here are the technical properties of Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU):

Tensile strength5 - 7 MPa
Tensile modulus7 - 9 MPa
Tensile elongation180 - 200%

Please note that these values represent the typical range for each property and can vary depending on the specific manufacturer, processing conditions, and testing methods used. EPU's low tensile strength and modulus, coupled with high elongation, make it an ideal material for applications that require rubber-like characteristics and flexibility. Its ability to withstand stretching and return to its original shape makes it suitable for gaskets, grommets, and flexible watertight seals.


Standard Smooth


Functional, Smooth, Durable, Impact resistant, Flexible

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