Gold is a precious metal commonly used for jewelry pieces and unique art designs.

About Gold

Gold is a precious metal widely used in high-end jewelry due to its inherent beauty, rarity, and value. It has been a cherished material for centuries and holds cultural and historical significance.

Material Details

When it comes to 3D printing gold, the process typically involves multiple steps to achieve the desired end product. The following steps are a common approach to 3D print gold:

  1. High-resolution wax 3D printing: The initial step involves 3D printing a high-resolution wax model of the desired jewelry design. This wax model serves as a precursor to the final gold piece.
  2. Mold creation: The wax model is then used to create a mold. Liquid plaster or investment material is poured around the wax model, which is later cured to form a solid mold.
  3. Injection molding: Once the mold is ready, it is used for the injection molding process. Molten gold is injected into the mold, filling the cavities and taking the shape of the jewelry design.
  4. Finishing and polishing: After the gold has solidified and cooled, the jewelry piece is carefully removed from the mold. It then undergoes various finishing processes, such as polishing, cleaning, and any additional detailing required to achieve the desired final appearance.

It is important to note that the specific 3D printing process for gold may vary depending on the technology and equipment used. Additionally, the expertise of skilled jewelers and craftsmen is often involved in post-processing and perfecting the final piece.


14k Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 18k Gold, 18k Rose Gold, 18k White Gold


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