iglidur® I180-PF

iglidur I180-PF by igus is a material with high wear resistance, especially designed for moving parts.

About iglidur® I180-PF

iglidur I180-PF is a specialized self-lubricating plastic material designed for moving applications that require high wear resistance. It is particularly well-suited for abrasion-resistant parts like plain bearings, gears, and drive nuts. This material offers increased wear resistance and higher temperature resistance, expanding its application range, especially for dynamic and wear-resistant applications.

Material Details

iglidur I180-PF is engineered to provide excellent performance in moving applications that involve abrasion and wear. The material's enhanced wear resistance makes it suitable for components subjected to high levels of friction and mechanical stress.

The higher temperature resistance of iglidur I180-PF allows it to perform reliably at elevated temperatures, with a long-term temperature resistance of up to 100 °C. This extended temperature range further broadens its potential applications.

This material is commonly used in various industries where moving parts experience wear, such as automotive, machinery, and equipment manufacturing.

Technical Properties

Technical propertiesValue
Flexural strength33 - 44 MPa
Flexural modulus1000 MPa

The flexural strength of iglidur I180-PF typically ranges from 33 to 44 MPa, indicating its ability to resist bending forces. The flexural modulus, which represents the material's stiffness, is reported to be 1000 MPa.

Please note that the provided technical properties represent the typical range for iglidur I180-PF, and actual values can vary depending on specific manufacturing processes and conditions.




Heat resistant, Durable

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