Inconel 718

This nickel-based alloy is exceptional for parts used in high-temperature environments.

About Inconel 718

Inconel 718 is a high-performance nickel-based superalloy that is widely used for parts and components that require exceptional performance in high-temperature environments. It finds applications in industries such as aviation, automotive, and other sectors where high-performance and detailed parts are necessary.

Material Details

Inconel 718 is specifically designed to maintain its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. It exhibits excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and creep resistance, making it ideal for demanding environments. The alloy is known for its exceptional mechanical properties and retains its strength even at elevated temperatures.

Technical Properties

Technical propertiesValue
Tensile strength970 - 1060 MPa
Tensile elongation27 - 34%
HDT (0.45 MPa)680 - 704°C

The tensile strength of Inconel 718 typically ranges from 970 to 1060 MPa, indicating its high strength capability. The tensile elongation, representing the material's ability to stretch before breaking, falls within the range of 27 to 34%. The high-temperature deflection temperature (HDT) at 0.45 MPa ranges from 680 to 704°C, highlighting its ability to maintain dimensional stability under high-temperature conditions.

Inconel 718's specific properties make it a preferred choice for applications in extreme environments that require excellent mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion, and elevated temperature performance.


Sandblasted Matte, Satin glossy


Strong, Heat resistant, Functional, Chemical resistant

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