MJF Nylon PA12

MJF Nylon PA12 is an engineering thermoplastic that enables high-quality functional prototyping and production through Multi Jet Fusion technology's combination of excellent mechanical properties, precision, detail, and speed.

About MJF Nylon PA12

Material details

MJF Nylon PA12 (Polyamide) is a 3D printing material produced using HP's Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology. This innovative printing process involves the use of special adhesive and detailing agents along with heat lamps to fuse particles in a powder bed. Each layer is fused to the previous one, resulting in parts with comparable tensile strength in both the XY-plane and the Z-axis. Models produced with MJF Nylon PA12 exhibit excellent mechanical properties, surpassing those of other powder-based technologies in terms of strength and density. Its strength and heat resistance make it an ideal choice for functional parts, including components for drones, mounts, and gears. Additionally, MJF Nylon PA12 can be used for thin walls, which offer flexibility suitable for living hinges and compliant mechanisms. The surface of printed parts can be post-processed to achieve a smooth and semi-glossy finish, making it well-suited for visual prototypes and home decor applications.

Technical properties

Tensile strength48 MPa
Tensile modulus1800 MPa
Tensile elongation15 - 20%
Flexural strength70 MPa
Flexural modulus1800 MPa
HDT (0.45 MPa)175°C
HDT (1.8 MPa)95°C

These technical properties provide information about the material's mechanical behavior, including its tensile strength, flexibility, and heat deflection temperature (HDT).


Polished, Raw, Vapor smoothed


Impact Resistance, Strong, Functional, Visual

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