SLS Nylon PA11-ESD

SLS PA11 ESD is a bio-derived powder material with electrostatic discharging properties for increased process safety in advanced applications.

About SLS Nylon PA11-ESD

Material Overview

PA11 ESD (Polyamide 11 Electrostatic Discharge) is a material specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. It offers a higher level of safety when handling electronic components, as it can come in contact with them without the risk of causing damage. PA11 ESD is commonly used to produce durable jigs, fixtures, and housings in the electronics industry.

Technical Properties

Here are the technical properties of PA11 ESD:

Tensile strength65 MPa
Tensile modulus3150 MPa
Tensile elongation20%
Flexural modulus3050 MPa
HDT (0.45 MPa)186°C
HDT (1.8 MPa)111°C

Please note that these values represent the typical range for each property and can vary depending on the specific manufacturer, processing conditions, and testing methods used. PA11 ESD's ability to prevent static electricity accumulation makes it a suitable material for applications in the electronics industry where there is a need for durable jigs, fixtures, and housings that can safely come in contact with electronic components.




Functional, Visual, Durable, Impact resistant

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