Standard Resin

Standard Resin is a commonly used 3D printing material that has good printability but longer print times and average heat resistance.

About Standard Resin

Standard Resin is a UV-curable photopolymer resin commonly used in entry-level SLA 3D printers. It offers a balanced profile of print quality, mechanical properties, and cost.

  • Made of methacrylic acid esters and photoinitiators
  • Cures rapidly with UV light to form rigid, solid plastic parts
  • Robust with moderate tensile and flexural strength
  • Provides good surface finish and print resolution
  • Wide range of opaque colors available
  • Low odor during printing

Ideal for: Visual prototypes, concept models, figures, decorative items

Limitations: Heat sensitivity limits high temperature applications. Not suitable for functional parts with high mechanical loads. Limited transparency and color options compared to engineered or specialty resins.

In summary, Standard Resin is a versatile and economical material choice for SLA printing of various prototypes and models not subject to high mechanical or thermal stresses. It offers ease of use and good print quality.


Standard, Matte, Glossy


Visual, High detail, Smooth

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