VisiJet M2S-HT90

VisiJet M2S-HT90 is a strong and rigid material for applications requiring temperature resistance and/or rigidity, ideal for rapid tooling, under the hood parts, enclosures and housings

About VisiJet M2S-HT90

VisiJet M2S-HT90 is a high-performance 3D printing material with a high deflection temperature (HDT) of 90 °C and excellent humidity resistance. It offers a smooth surface and the potential to be watertight, making it ideal for functional testing in warm environments.

Material details:

VisiJet M2S-HT90 has exceptional resistance to humidity and moisture. With its HDT of 90 °C, it can withstand high temperatures without deformation. The material's smooth surface and potential for watertight prints make it suitable for functional testing, particularly in warm environments such as gas flow analysis. It can also meet USP Class VI standards for biocompatibility upon special request.

Technical properties

Here are the technical properties of VisiJet M2S-HT90:

Technical PropertiesRange
Tensile Strength70 - 80 MPa
Tensile Modulus2500 - 3000 MPa
Tensile Elongation4 - 9%
Flexural Strength105 - 120 MPa
Flexural Modulus2600 - 3000 MPa
HDT (0.45 MPa)90 - 100 °C
HDT (1.8 MPa)80 - 90 °C

VisiJet M2S-HT90 offers a wide range of technical properties, including high tensile strength, modulus, and flexural strength. Its HDT values indicate its ability to withstand elevated temperatures. These properties make it a reliable material for various applications requiring high-temperature resistance and excellent moisture resistance.


Standard Smooth


Strong, Heat resistant, Functional, Smooth, Biomedical

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