V1 MJF PA12GB 30%

Water absorption rate: 0.60%
Extension rate: 30%

Density: 1.3

Precision: 0.2

Rigidity: 98

MJF PA12GB 30% refers to a specific material used in the Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing process. It is a variant of PA12 (Nylon 12) with a 30% glass bead filler. This material combines the strength and durability of PA12 with the added benefits of improved stiffness and dimensional stability provided by the glass bead reinforcement. It is commonly used in applications where high strength and rigidity are required, such as functional prototypes and end-use parts in industries like automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods.

Basic Information:
The name of the material: Black V1 MJF PA12GB 30%
RPS brand: R3370
Wall thickness requirement: 0.5mm
Bending strength: 56MPa
Materials: PA like resin
Heat deflection temperature: 153℃
Tensile modulus: 2800 MPa/406 ksi
Impulse rate: 2.7 KJ/m2

1708418501 V1 MJF PA12GB 30 002 jpg


Plate structures over 200mm are easy to deform.

Material characteristics/colors:

High temperature resistance up to 150 ℃.

Application Industries:

Aerospace & AviationManufacturing, Industrial Machinery

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