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The most convenient method to acquire custom parts with a choice of 15+ surface finishing options. Obtain the bead-blasted, anodized, or powder-coated parts you require.

Our Surface Preparation Services

We offer various surface treatments to choose from, depending on the operational needs of your 3D printed or CNC machined components. Sandblasting removes printing marks and enhances the appearance; polishing creates a mirror finish, and the use of different coatings offers colour to parts, as well as protects them from rust and corrosion. We additionally offer anodising and plating services to boost the hardness and wear resistance of the parts. The performance and durability of the components can be extended, and their appearance improved, after undergoing surface treatment. With our advanced automated surface treatment equipment and extensive expertise, we can efficiently process your orders on schedule. Please contact our customer service to receive further information.

Category Applicable to Processing Trace Appearance Effect Color Tolerance
Raw Machined Surface Metal, Plastic Visibly slight surface scratches None N/A Tolerance unaffected
Smooth Machined Surface Metal, Plastic Visibly slight surface scratches None N/A Tolerance unaffected
Fine Machined Surface Metal Slightly visible None N/A Tolerance unaffected
Polished Surface Metal Removed on the main surface Consistently maintains appearance N/A Measured after polishing
Sandblasted Surface Metal Non-appearance removal on the main surface As per requirements N/A Unaffected, except for specific features*
Brushed Surface Metal Non-appearance reduction, removal on the main surface As per requirements N/A Measured after brushing
Anodized Type II Aluminum Non-appearance reduction, removal on the main surface As per requirements Black, Transparent, Red, Blue, Gold, Orange Measured after anodization
Anodized Type III Aluminum Visible under anodization None Black, Natural Measured after anodization
Black Oxide Copper, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Mild Steel Visible None Black Measured after coating
Chromate Conversion Coating Aluminum Visible None Transparent Measured after coating
Bare Nickel Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Reduced but visible None Metallic color (semi-bright) Measured after bare nickel
Powder Coating Metal Removed None Black, White, RAL/Pantone color codes Measured before coating
Brushing + Electropolishing Stainless Steel Removed on the main surface Consistently maintains appearance N/A Measured after electropolishing

Cosmetic surface finishes

Surface finishes can serve either a functional or aesthetic purpose, depending on the requirement. Surface finishes that serve both purposes are considered cosmetic surface finishes, which are used for parts with cosmetic purposes. The production of cosmetic parts requires taking additional measures to minimize defects, such as hang marks and scratches caused by tools.

1690940081 non cosmetic finish


Primary marks from machining will remain visible

  • In its machined state
  • Polished machining
  • Precision machining
  • Chromate conversion coating
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Hardcoat anodized, type III
  • Powder coating
  • Black oxide
1690940101 cosmetic by default finish

Cosmetic on request

Finishes can either be cosmetic or non-cosmetic, based on the request.

  • Brushed finish with Anodizing type II.
  • Bead blast finish with Anodizing type II.
  • Bead blasted finish.
  • Brushed finish.
1690940104 cosmetic on request finish

Aesthetic by default

These finishes will always have an aesthetic purpose

  • Brushed and electropolished
  • Polishing process

Defining an A-side and a B-side

Surface finishing frequently leaves cosmetic flaws on your components, such as hang marks for anodizing. Defining an A-side and a B-side in your design will ensure that the most crucial parts of your component remain defect-free.

This image shows how you can define an A-side and a B-side in your technical drawing:
A-side: Indicates the most aesthetically significant surface, generally the visible side of your product.
B-side: Indicates the side that is not aesthetically significant, generally the side hidden from sight after assembly.

1690940256 A B Side 2 jpg webp

We guarantee defect-free production for the primary surface (A-side) of your part. However, it is possible for the secondary surfaces (B-side) to have hanging marks and other minor defects as they are being machined. Like the rest of your part, the B-side surfaces will be free of scratches, stains, and blemishes.

Will my part have Surface
Primary surface (A-side) Secondary surface (B-side)
Scratches, stains, blemishes No No
Hanging marks No Minor hanging marks
Other minor defects No Up to 2 minor defects

Criteria for Cosmetic Acceptability

All cosmetic components manufactured by V1 comply with our Cosmetic Acceptability Criteria.

1690940792 consistentcy requirements

Requirements for Consistency

Visual consistency is required for each part within the same batch. This means that,

  • Parts must be sanded or brushed with the same grit across the batch.
  • Brush marks must be in the same direction for all parts.
  • The colour must remain consistent to the same Pantone code when parts are positioned next to each other.
  • The gloss units must be consistent throughout the batch.

** Manual brushing marks must be as unidirectional as possible. Please note that for rounded geometric shapes, the brushing marks may not be entirely unidirectional.

1690940788 visual inspection conditions v2

Conditions for visual inspection

Every part's surface quality must satisfy the following conditions:

Distance: 50cm ±10cm (19,7 inches ± 3,9 inches) with 20/20 vision (or corrected) should be maintained.
Angle of incidence: Around 45º from all directions
Conditions of lighting: 500-1000 Lux, with a neutral white color (3300-5300 Kelvin)

When you opt for our decorative surface preparation service, you will receive the following benefits:

  • We guarantee higher surface quality standards, eliminating defects on the A-side and minimizing them on the B-side.
  • Our service ensures a high degree of consistency in terms of colour, feel, and other aspects between parts within a batch.
  • We conduct batch sampling inspections stringently to minimize the risk of quality issues.
  • Our impeccable quality assurance system ensures that each component meets the expected standards.

Decorative surface treatment is preferable to ordinary surface treatment for parts that are frequently touched or viewed from many angles. This treatment will significantly improve the appearance and texture of your products.

1690941395 V1P Anodizing Type III SPIC jpg webp

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